McMenamins' Old St. Francis School, 700 NW Bond St, Bend, Oregon

Parallel 44 Presents brings you Jenny JahLee. Come join the fun at McMenamins Old St. Francis School for this prodigiously talented artist from Portland, in Father Luke's Room on Saturday, November 24th. Jenny brings a cast of Portland Allstars to Bend to showcase her incredible talent and songs. This show is FREE and ALL AGES from 7PM - 10PM. Sponsored by BIGS Hydroponics.

About Jenny JahLee: Jenny Jahlee is a PNW native and deep thinker. Her pull to play music came from a musical father and a deep passion for truly feeling all of life. Self taught on both the guitar and vocals, her songs are both eclectic and outside of any one genre. Lyrically focused, her music highlights depth and joy equally through poetic prose. Her current inspiration focuses around the quest for self love, an idea all audiences can relate to and possibly use more reminding of. Using her songs as medicine for herself and others, she conveys comfort, inspiration, soul, and some good old fashion rock and roll creating a musical experience that can move you to tears, make you laugh, and certainly make you shake your booty. Her band "The Menagerie" is just that, an ever-changing cast of talented friends and incredibly skilled musicians that do not regularly perform together. Due to this changing cast, each show is unique to the players, the venue, and the vibe created by interaction between them and the audience. Known for her ability to authentically interact with an audience while maintaining a sweet silly banter, and her love of freestyle, every performance includes at least one full band improvisation, highlighting the essence and talent of the menagerie as well as her vocal abilities. Thus providing an entertaining and artistic way to be fully in the moment and offer a little "one time only" gift for every audience. Currently, she is finishing her 1st studio album that was recorded at Hollowed Halls with Justin Phelps to be released at the end of September 2018. Until then, you can catch Jenny Jahlee and The Menagerie playing local shows and festivals around portland, followed by a NW tour this fall to promote the album release!

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