McMenamins' Old St. Francis School, 700 NW Bond St, Bend, Oregon

Parallel 44 Presents brings you The Same Coin on Halloween eve. Come join the fun at McMenamins Old St. Francis School for a great local show in Father Luke's Room on Wednesday, October 31. These guys bring some super groovy Funk/Soul/Rock. This show is FREE and ALL AGES from 7PM - 10PM. Sponsored by BIGS Hydroponics.

About The Same Coin: From the dawn of time there has been the appearance of grand opposing forces: light and dark, good and evil, night and day, country and hip-hop. But imagine, if you will, that these seemingly separate and antithetical opposites are in fact all part of the same whole. One might even say that Apollo and Dionysus are two sides of The Same Coin~

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