Volcanic Theatre Pub

Parallel 44 Presents is excited to announce the long awaited return of Brothers Gow to Bend! Join us at Volcanic Theatre Pub on Tuesday, March 13th for this fantastic evening of jamming grooves! Thanks to Dr. Jolly's, BIGS Hydroponics and Cascade Alchemy for thier sponsor support of this show.

Doors at 8pm for this All Ages show. Advance tickets are $10 at Bend Ticket or locally for cash only/no fees at Dr. Jolly's and The Cosmic Depot. $12 at the door.

About Brothers Gow:

Without a doubt, 2017 proved to be the most challenging year for Brothers Gow to date. Six months of touring, first time appearances in New York, Vermont, and Massachusetts, an amazing festival season and the release of a live album left the band excited yet exhausted. The year closed with the departure of founding members Alex Gow Bastine, and Carson Church with a final, sold out hometown play in San Diego and was the best way to wish each other well and take on what life was asking of this band of brothers.

So now, with heels dug in, Brothers Gow continues. With a new sense of direction, this trio is taking on 2018 with optimism and a newfound energy. The sound will certainly reflect their experiences as well as their musicianship. The blistering vocals of Ethan Wade will permeate the rhetorical narrative of both his own life and the bands transgressions. Kyle Merrill’s soul and electric wizardry remain steadfast in the mix, while drummer Nathan Walsh-Haines’ wild syncopation and heavy hitting grooves will keep the energy in strong flow. Sitting in on this special evening with his own flare, is Gabe Johnson from the local favorite Elektrapod. The script for what’s to come hasn’t been written yet, but with a packed Spring Tour coming up there’s no doubt Brothers Gow is here to stay.

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