The Domino Room, 51 Greenwood Ave, Bend, OR

Parallel 44 Presents & Leap Farms present:


INDUBIOUS + Zahira w/ Company Grand

Doors at 9PM. Show 9:30PM. 21+

Advance tickets are $12 at Bend Ticket link below or for cash only/no fees at The Cosmic Depot or Substance.

Sponsored by Oregrown, Substance (formerly Bloom Well Oregon), BIGS Hydroponics, Cascade Alchemy, ART Elementals and High Desert Pure

About Indubious:

Indubious hits the road promoting the release of their long anticipated fourth album "From Zero" featuring Vaughn Benjamin of Akae Beka, Sizzla Kalonji, and songstress Zahira.

The story of Indubious is not for the faint of heart. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Indubious was forged in the fires of pain and destruction, only to emerge powerfully with a message of transformation. Evton and Skip, brothers and bandmates born with Cystic Fibrosis and convinced by doctors of their impending death from an early age, have emerged as a powerful force for change and the future of conscious music. Their only choice has always been mind over matter, and time has proven that their unbending visionary outlook, combined with an inspiring message of love and hope, has not only helped them overcome personal hardship, but catapulted their music onto the world stage with an unstoppable momentum.

Their new album From Zero, released on July 1st, 2017, debuted at #6 on the Billboard Reggae Chart, on the iTunes Reggae Chart, and features legendary guest artists including Dancehall icon Sizzla, Vaughn Benjamin (of Midnite and Akae Beka), and songstress Zahira.

From Zero is a mix of conscious Dancehall and Roots Reggae with top level production. All songs were written, produced, and engineered by Indubious, and released on their own label Righteous Sound Productions.

“Simply put, Indubious is my favorite band of 2017, and From Zero is my favorite album of 2017 – and it truly deserves to be yours too.” -Review by Russell A. Trunk at

“For me that’s one of the most original refreshing pieces of reggae music I’ve heard in a long time. I think it’s really special.” – David Rodigan, BBC

"From zero is where we all started. It's where everything started. From nothing. When we can hold this perspective in our hearts and minds it aids us in losing entitlement and cultivating gratitude. The person who is entitled to nothing is blessed by everything. Zero holds nothing but it also holds everything. Infinite potential. The beginning and the end. Alpha and Omega. Emptiness and fullness. Our new album, From Zero, embodies this message throughout every aspect of its vibration. This body of work is offered "as is" with zero expectations and zero preconceptions. It is through the meditation of how blessed we are to be able to create music and do what we do, that these songs were generated. The style and direction of the music has been guided simply by what sounds good to us and what feels good, not by what we think people want to hear or by what is popular. By stepping further into our authenticity and personal truth, we gain back forgotten pieces of our soul and build our spiritual power as humans beings. As we shed our insecurities, preconceived notions, and cultural programming in life, we step towards our natural state, where we all started; the zero point. The emptiness and the fullness. From Zero" -Indubious


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