McMenamins' Old St. Francis School, 700 NW Bond St, Bend, Oregon

Halloween weekend and Parallel 44 Presents is bringing the heat! Join us for two sets of Chiringa starting at 8:00PM ¡Chiringa! is a Latin dance party band based in Bend, Oregon that plays "rockified" versions of tropical and popular covers mixed with funk-rock infused originals. The band is fronted by lead singer, guitarist, and songwriter, Shireen Amini, followed by Johnny Riordan on congas and timbales, Tom Freedman on bass and trumpet, and Matthew Williams on drum kit. Honorary guest members include Samuel Thompson from Los Angeles, California on the trumpet and keys and Bendite, Heather Fossmo on backup vocals. Shireen is the only member of actual Latino descent, but these "gringo" band members offer incredible flavor and spice from their associations with Latin music and background in styles as diverse as jazz, funk, r&b, klezmer, West African, folk, baladas románticas and straight-ahead salsa. ¡Chiringa! invites people of all different backgrounds to experience the joy of this music, get down and celebrate life together like one big family. Speaking of family, the band is very excited to announce the release of their first album, entitled "Familia," slated for June 2017! Links: Chiringa - Parallel 44 Presents Facebook Page -